The following events sponsored by the department are open to the public:

Department Activities:

Microbiology and Immunobiology Seminar Series

Students and postdoctoral trainees have the opportunity to attend department-sponsored weekly seminars given by visiting speakers. In addition, the Harvard Medical School community offers a wealth of seminars and other public events.

Journal Clubs

Opportunities abound to discuss one's own and others' research. Graduate students hold a weekly journal club over lunch. The Monday Talks, held weekly, provide a forum for literature discussions and presentations of current research. The Pathogen of the Month Club, held monthly over lunch, features a presentation of a different pathogen at each meeting.

Social Hour

The Friday social hour, sponsored by a different lab each week, provides an opportunity to unwind before the weekend.


Events of the Week (08/14-08/18)

Tuesday 08/15:

  • Special Seminar: Andrew Doxey “A proteolytic flagellin family in diverse bacteria assembles enzymatically active flagellar filaments” | 12:30PM, NRB 1031
  • Special Seminar: Holger Gerhardt “Principles and regulation of endothelial cell dynamics in vascular remodeling” | 1:15PM, CLS 12 Conference Room

Friday 08/18:

  • Beer Hour: Lory Lab | 4:45PM, NRB 1031