Seminar Series

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m., NRB 1031, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.

Coffee is served at 12:15 pm outside of the seminar room.

If you would like to meet any of the speakers to discuss research of mutual interest or during lunch or dinner, please contact Shannon Haas, MBIB Events Planning: MBIB_Events@hms.harvard.edu or (617) 432-2115.

In the event Harvard is closed due to weather or other emergency, talks and seminars scheduled on the affected day will be canceled.


Date Speaker Title Host
9/18/2018 Stephen Goff Silencing of Retroviral DNAs David Knipe
9/25/2018 Amiee Shen Epigenetic Regulation and Germinant Sensing Mechanisms in Clostridium Difficile Ann Hochschild
10/02/2018 Ralph Isberg Control of host cell tubular endoplasmic reticulum function by Legionella pneumophila Peter Howley / Lee Gehrke
10/09/2018 Jesse Bloom How viral genetic diversity influences the outcome of influenza infection Aaron Schmidt
10/16/2018 Mary Estes Translating Stem Cell Biology to Understand Gastrointestinal Infection Max Nibert
10/23/2018 Peggy Cotter CDI System-Mediated Cooperation, Competition, and DNA Transposition in Burkholderia John Mekalanos
10/30/2018 Julie Pfeiffer How transkingdom interactions influence viral infection Sean Whelan
10/30/2018 Matt Waldor A Vaccine for Cholera That Can Provide Protection Before Eliciting an Adaptive Immune Respons John Mekalanos
11/06/2018 Nina Salama Staying in Shape: Bacterial Cytoskeleton-Cell Wall Interactions in the Gastric Pathogen Helicobacter Pylori Darren Higgins
11/13/2018 Joe Pogliano Adventures in Cell Biology:  Discovery of the Phage Nucleus and Spindle Max Nibert
Thanksgiving Week
11/27/2018 Jose Rodriguez Atomic Structures of Infectious Amyloid Assemblies Jonathan Abraham
12/04/2018 Neal Alto Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy: Expanding the Host’s Immunological Tool Box with Bacterial Toxins Michael Starnbach
Micro Search Symposium
12/18/2018 Peter Chien Regulated Proteolysis in Bacteria During Stress and Growth Graduate Students
Holiday Break
New Year's Day
01/08/2019 Philip Klebba Universal Fluorescence Assays of High-affinity Ligand Transport Stephen Lory
01/15/2019 Jean-Philippe Julien Antibody Immunity at the Bottlenecks of Malaria Parasite Transmission Aaron Schmidt
01/22/2019 Mohamed Abou Donia   Suzanne Walker
01/29/2019 Andrew Lovering Using Structural Biology to Understand Predatory Bacteria Thomas Bernhardt
02/05/2019 Gaya Amarasinghe   Priscilla Yang
02/12/2019 Elaine Hsiao   Alex Kostic
02/26/2019 Nathalie Balaban   David Rudner
03/05/2019 Alian Filloux   John Mekalanos
03/12/2019 Erin Goley   Graduate Students
HMS Spring Break
03/26/2019 Laura Kiessling   Suzanne Walker
04/02/2019 Jim Van Etten   Max Nibert
04/06/2019 Hong Zhou   Sean Whelan
Public School Break
04/23/2019 Kelly Doran   Isaac Chiu
04/30/2019 Harry Mobley   Darren Higgins
05/07/2019 Kimberly Seed   Thomas Bernhardt
05/14/2019 Joshua Woodward   Philip Kranzusch
05/21/2019 Alexis Borisy   Alex Kostic
Graduation Week